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If you prefer switchbacks to sidewalks, then you will enjoy discovering Kaua'i behind the scenery. We select the day-trip that is just right for you, whether it be along the rugged rim of Waimea Canyon and Na Pali, or a mild trek down the shaded face of Sleeping Giant. Many of our journeys culminate with a cooling dip in a crystal lagoon or under a bracing waterfall. For the amateur ornithologist, we know the hiding places of many a wary bird. You might prefer to explore the Kilauea Wildlife Refuge where, in season, you are almost sure to spot a Laysan Albatross, a Red Footed Boobie or a nesting Shearwater.

It is no accident that Kaua'i has been dubbed The Garden Island. Many of the same plants painstakingly nurtured at home grow here with unbridled audacity. Look for bromeliads, orchids, and tree ferns. Learn to distinguish native species from introduced varieties. Contemplate unique plants and their widespread medicinal uses that Hawaiians have known about for centuries. Through hanging forests and emerald valleys, we amble, we ramble. Here is where the forest talks and you can listen. Come share the land with us.

* This is a moderate-to-brisk day hike, custom tailored depending on group and weather dynamics. Options include four to five hours of easy hiking, swimming and relaxing. Longer hikes can be arranged, if desired.


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