Reaffirming the Invincibility of the Human Spirit byGerald Coffee
Captain Gerald L Coffee, US Navy (Ret)

Named one of America’s top ten speakers, Gerald Coffee is considered by many clients as their most memorable presenter. Sharing insights derived from seven years as a POW in North Vietnam and his unique experiences since, he plants the seed of hope that we each can go beyond mere survival to emerge from our adversities and pain tougher and more capable to master change, achieve success, and find greater meaning in life. His is not a story of Vietnam, but a story of human survival. It is a reaffirmation of the invincibility of the human spirit.

“The last think I want people to think is that I am a professional POW living off my experiences,” says Coffee, “But I do want people to know that the aspects of faith that worked in a prison environment can work for any of us. You don't have to go through the weird experience I did to derive the use of faith.”

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