With their village devastated by a violent tropical storm, tribal members begin planning and working together in hopes of rebuilding their beautiful island home. To help keep spirits high, the tribal council decides to make the village rebuild “a fun competition”. Rodeo Rondup

Upon entering the event arena, teams are predetermined or randomly selected by the tribal council and given their colored bandanas.

Each team will be briefed by their selected leader, as to what tasks or challenges they will perform.

A third of each team will compete in a series of island games and challenges.

The next third will search for building materials for their new homes, their school, clinic, jail house and general store. In addition each team’s best fashion designer will create a costume for their warrior or princess, who will then perform their creative dance before the entire village.

The last third will design and build a colorful tribal racing raft in preparation for a quick evacuation of the island should the rumbling volcano blow (exciting raft races to follow).

Sample Challenges

Sample Games Competition


Cost of Beach Permit (if required) will be passed along to client at actual expense
- Upon the completion of our “Survivors of Volcano Island” event, the top three teams will be presented with their customized company logo awards

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