Our teams will gather, then draw straws for their Movie Script Scenario. Lots of famous and successful movies have been shot in Hawai‘i. Who knows…maybe a team’s version of “Shark Bite in Wailea”, “Raiders of the Lost Tiki”, “Jurassic Park Parade”, “King Kong Does Maui” or “Waikapu Water World” will be Hawai‘i’s next cinematic winner! Hawaii Events

As the teams head to their various “Shoot” locations, their Producer/Director will begin assigning positions for the “Film Crew” and start auditions for the lead roles.

Once at the individual sound stages complete with large backdrops, incidental props, costumes and makeup, the fun really begins. Teams will have a couple hours to create, rehearse and shoot their masterpiece.

All tapes are then returned to our judges from the “Academy” for editing and judging, as one evening we will be showing these works of “Cinematic Art” and presenting “Oscars” for the “Best Actor”, “Best Actress” and “Best and Worst” at the “Stars Come Out Awards Celebration”.

The Wright Company