An obscure package is delivered to your hotel room, as you curiously open it, you find a bandanna, pack of cigarettes (edible) and a single earring for the men, a pair of skull earrings (or similar) for the ladies. “What is this for?” You read the enclosed note. It just says to put on the enclosed and meet in the hotel lobby at a specified time. Your interest has peaked, you can’t wait…what is in store for us ?Harley Nights

The rumble is on. As the Biker Hogs with their Babes pull out of the hotel, kidnapping the buses of innocent revelers to a night of hedonism and decadence. On arrival at the Den of Iniquity the guests are greeted by fellow Biker Hogs and Biker Babes dressed in their biker finery of black leather. (Great photo opportunity).

Once inside the den, the guests look around them, “Whoa! This is totally cool.” The tables are laid with the Harley orange tablescapes encrusted with biker paraphernalia and that unmistakable smell of cigarettes and beer. (Scent is optional). On each table is a dead rose in a broken vase and a Logo’d shot glass for the guests to keep, and use at our Tequila Bar (for those manly enough to handle the shots). If a shot of tequila is too much, perhaps the oldest biker challenge of a shot of beer a minute for an hour is up to their standards of toughness.

The Biker Den is lit with hanging light bulbs and are accented with tiki torches and kerosene lamps providing further smoke and aroma. The guests see the additional Harley decor which includes a Tattoo Parlor with tattoo artist doing custom (removable) tattoos. (G-rated areas of the body only). Barrels of roasted peanuts are placed in areas throughout the Den on the sawdust and peanut shell covered floors. (Who needs carpet ?).

Graffiti walls sport guests’ names and conquests and are used as the backdrop for the stage, with open light bulbs placed at various heights to provide just the right lighting for tonight’s entertainment. The perimeter fronting the stage, and sides has the typical light bulb lighting – hey this is Biker heaven, no doubt! (Safety net is optional and can be raised should bottles or beer cans be thrown to show Biker appreciation of the entertainment). Soon the house band trips its way to the stage with their chick singer of the evening…they tune up…get ready to bike, rock and roll.

If you don’t feel like dancing and for the hogs and babes that are in a somewhat betting mood, why not place a “friendly bet”, and try your hand at one of the 10 Dart Boards. Bet a beer and a shot if you dare! The real tough guys can even challenge each other to chugging raw eggs, plain or in a beer. No worries…your keys have been collected, no one drives home, so…Party On!

With the evening a complete success, the kidnapping over, the once innocent revelers now wonder if a life on the lam full of hedonism and decadence is better than the somewhat prudish ways they once held true.

The Wright Company