Grab your favorite “Aloha Wear”…adventure awaits as guests arrive at our “Life is a Beach”Life is a Beach Party!

The sights and sounds of the beach are all around. Beach balls, beach umbrellas, surf boards, palm trees and a lifeguard stand surround the area, while the pleasant aroma of barbecued steaks and fresh fish fill the air.

As guests arrive, they are greeted by Barrie and her birds. Personalized postcards of each couple are photographed during the evening, utilizing beautiful macaws and cockatoos in the natural surrounding beauty of our islands. The postcards will be developed, pre-stamped for mailing and delivered the following afternoon. (To be utilized as the following night's Turn Down Amenity).

When our guests approach the too-hard-to-resist fresh fruit display, they are caught offLife is a Beach guard and stopped dead in their tracks by the “Talking Melon Head”.

As our beachcombers finish dinner, they will be enticed to join the fun in learning the “hula” from our hula maidens. Then, the band kicks into the sounds of “Surf City,” and no one can resist getting into the fun.

The Wright Company