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Framed against the most spectacular sunset of any lu'au in Hawai'i, 12 beachfront acres come alive with island games and crafts, tropical feasting and Hawai'i's largest lu'au show.

Step back in time and into history at a genuine Hawaiian lu'au. Begin by taking part in a Hukilau, pulling fish nets from the sea to the rhythms of a conch shell and island chants. Then gather for the traditional sunset imu ceremony at Hawai'i's only Imu Amphitheater, where the evening’s entree of Kalua Pig is unearthed from its steamy underground oven. In beach coves and native villages, play island games and learn island crafts. Participate in four unique Hawaiian shows. Come dance under the stars. Enjoy cocktails and a traditional Hawaiian feast and Hawai'i's best lu'au show!


The Wright Company