Nickname - Pineapple Island / Private IslandLanai History

Size: Lana’i is the sixth largest of the Hawaiian Islands, with a land area of 141 square miles. It is 18 miles long and 13 miles wide.
Highest Point: Lanaihale, 3,370 feet above sea level
Miles of Shoreline: 47 miles
County Seat: Wailuku, Maui
Flower: Kaunaoa (Yellow and Orange Air Plant)
Color: Orange

Overview: A few miles west of Maui, the unspoiled beauty of Lana’i offers much to be discovered. The remarkable ecosystems of this secluded island range from exceptionally clear waters and white sand beaches to mist shrouded mountains and forests. Home to Hawaii’s largest pineapple plantation for close to a century, Lana’i is 98% privately owned and home to only 3,000 residents.

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